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Josh Guess

Name: Josh Guess

Position: Central Texas Director of Operations

After graduating from Belton High School in 1992, Mr. Guess worked locally and attended Temple College until 1996.  At that time, he began his supervisory role for Bike Tech. Inc.  There he was responsible for 2 states with approximately 100 employees and servicing a wide range of clientel.  After the southern regions of the company began to downsize and Josh’s own family began to grow, he decided to find a local position in sales and distribution.  During this period, Mr. Guess was also employed as a referee for a local chapter.  He was active in the community, working with youth from high school to college level.  Eventually, Mr. Guess was approached by a former colleague to assist with beginning a local service company, Dependable Assembly.  Mr. Guess managed the company and its continued growth until a death in the owner’s family caused the company to permanently close in this area. 

Josh joined Eagle Systems, Inc. in 2001.  Since that time, he has worked from a post officer, to the current level of Central Texas Operations Manager and currently supervises our growing Central Texas operations.  His level of expertise and knowledge of the security industry and our many quality clients has provided Josh a platform to excel. Josh has proven to be an effective communicator with both his employees and clients and based upon his past performance Josh will continue to be a valuable part of our Eagle Team.


  • “Eagle Systems, Inc. has met and exceeded all of our requirements in this challenging field of Healthcare Security. Their training programs are state of the art. Management and Staff are constantly performing audits and inspections to ensure their level of service meets or exceeds our requirements. During their years of service, and several critical emergency situations, they have performed flawlessly, which is a credit to their outstanding training programs and leadership!”

    Terry Mayes
    Director, Security
    Central Texas Division
    Baylor Scott & White Health
  • "As a customer, I can attest to the fact that you do strive to provide excellent service."

    Norman Conner
    V.P. of Administration,
    Hobbs Bonded Fibers.
  • "In every capacity, Eagle Systems, Inc. has been professional, dependable, and proficient in implementing their services. I would not hesitate to recommend, and have in fact recommended, Eagle Systems, Inc. to many of my clients over the years, all of which have been thoroughly satisfied with their performance."

    Charles Buenger
    Attorney at Law,
    Buenger & Associates.
  • "We have found Eagle Systems to be a very professional organization. In 19 years of service we have had from Eagle Security, we have never had a single complaint."

    Sandy Thompkins
    Vice President,
    Sierra Grande, L. C.
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